Uh-oh! Looks like I'm still know...making a good website for myself?

And while I'm busy doing that, you could click this button below to land on a random webpage of mine!

Hey, I really didn't have time to make up a webpage for myself, so this is what I could come up in a really short time. Hope you like it. I mean, you HAVE TO like it! You may be wondering who I am, right? Don't break your head. Below is a description of me (which I directly pasted from my Google+ I earlier said, I didn't have timeee!) which pretty much is all that you need to know. Have fun! Bye. Take care. Maybe not. :P

"Simplicity is not my cup of tea. Yet the very simple things in nature manage to leave a mark on my memories. Hey there, I'm Aekansh. I will not bother you with all those normal introductions people give. Treating others has to be like how you want to be treated, and the very nature of this life is to give you happiness which we fail to grab. Like you noticed, both the above statements had no basic intentions at all and were completely random. So there it is. I love randomness and crazy ideas. Well basically, anything that is a little Hatke, a.k.a, not normal! Treat me good, and I'll treat you better! Hate me, well keep trying - it'll just not affect me. I believe in productivity of ideas - well because everyone has ideas, yet a only few execute them. You bored? Me too. Bye! :D"